image of butterfly garden

Was She Returning Home?

I had a strange thing happen yesterday. I was cleaning up the breeze way and I had the door propped open.
I had seen a Monarch flying around the house earlier in the day and had not given it much thought. I have a
lot of Milkweed plants in pots outside the house because that's what the Monarch caterpillar eats and we go
through plants like crazy. I've finally learned to move the caterpillars from one plant to another to give the
plants a chance to re-grow before I need them again. So, I was watering, weeding and sweeping up when this
beautiful Monarch flew past my head. I stopped to watch her and to my utter amazement, she flew right in
through the screen door, just like she lived there. She went right to a milkweed plant inside the breeze way
and landed. I couldn't believe that she just flew in and seemed to make herself right at home. I then closed
the door and she then spent the day fluttering from plant to plant depositing eggs.

image of butterfly garden
Ahhhhhh... great to be back for some great
nectar and a wonderful home for my eggs!